Deleted Entries

The Administration – View deleted option allows you to view the deleted entries as well as restoring them.

This feature requires an Advanced Data Source .

Administrators can permanently delete some or all deleted entries.

Sub-connections are not retained in the View Deleted window. To restore a sub-connection, please have a look at Entry History.


Manage Deleted Entries

The Deleted Entries will generate a list containing all the entries previously deleted from your data source. You may resurrect an entry, meaning it will become an active entry again and will be shown in your data source. You may also chose to permanently delete your entries, once you have permanently deleted your entries you won't be able to resurrect them afterward.

Deleted Entries
Deleted Entries

Delete Permanently delete the selected entry.
Resurrect Entry Use this button to restore an entry.
Delete All Permanently delete all the deleted entries.

Deleted entries can be resurrected as long as the Security Provider has not been changed since the deleted action.

Export deleted entries list

You can r ight-click on one or several lines to export them in CSV, HTML or XML format.