Use the NLA option for an RDP connection via Devolutions Gateway

Since 2022.3, Devolutions Gateway supports KDC Proxy combined with API hooking RDP in Remote Desktop Manager, letting Kerberos work effortlessly with RDP NLA.


  1. Access the Administration tab on the left.
  2. Under the Modules section, click on Devolutions Gateway.
  3. Click Edit on the desired Devolutions Gateway.
  4. Go to the KDC proxy tab.
    KDC proxy Tab
    KDC proxy Tab
  5. Enter the domain controller (adding tcp:// before) in the KDC Server URL field.
  6. Enter the Devolutions Server domain name in the Kerberos realm field.

If this does not work, check the Advanced tab and make certain the Force using IP address for RDP connections option is off.

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