Invalid TLS certificate issues for session recording via Devolutions Gateway

If you encounter issues with session recording via Devolutions Gateway, it may be due to an invalid TLS certificate. There are several reasons why a TLS certificate could be considered invalid. Here are the most common causes:

  • Misconfigured certificate: Incorrect setup or installation of the TLS certificate.
  • Domain mismatch: The certificate is issued for a different domain (e.g., certificate issued for example.loc but the host destination address is not-example.loc).
  • Break in the chain of trust: The certificate issuer's identity cannot be verified.
  • Incorrect date/time on client machine: If the local date/time on the client machine is incorrect, the certificate may be considered expired if it falls past the certificate's expiration date.
  • Broken certificate structure: The certificate has an invalid digital signature or other structural issues.
  • Outdated hashing algorithm: The certificate uses only the SHA-1 hash algorithm, which is outdated and no longer considered secure.
  • Revoked certificate: The certificate has been revoked by the issuing authority.
  • Self-signed certificate and Sophos: When using a self-signed certificate, if the client is using Sophos, the certificate may be replaced by an untrusted one, bypassing the option to allow self-signed certificates by Remote Desktop Manager.
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