Vault privacy for administrators and users

The connection and password management solutions provided by Devolutions (Remote Desktop Manager, Devolutions Server, Devolutions Hub Business) offer a robust system that empowers administrators with complete and secure control over user vault management. However, it is natural for some customers to have concerns regarding the potential access to their "private" vaults by a malicious administrator. It is crucial to clarify the intended purpose of these "private" or "user" vaults, as they are primarily designed for personal corporate usage rather than personal private usage.

The distinction lies in the fact that these vaults are created within the context of a corporate environment, where administrators need to ensure continuous access to critical information stored within them. This necessity arises from various scenarios such as managing incidents, addressing employee terminations, and other operational requirements. By maintaining administrative access to these vaults, organizations can effectively safeguard against potential disruptions and ensure the smooth functioning of their operations.

While administrators do possess the ability to access these vaults, it is important to emphasize that this access is granted within the framework of their administrative responsibilities, and they are logged normally for visibility and traceability. Devolutions recognize the importance of privacy and understand that users may require an additional layer of security for their personal information. To address this concern and provide users with absolute privacy, Devolutions offers a separate solution called Devolutions Hub Personal.

Devolutions Hub Personal is specifically designed to cater to the individual needs of users who seek heightened privacy and control over their personal data. This solution ensures that personal information remains entirely private, without any administrative access or intervention. Users can securely store and manage their sensitive data within their personal vaults, maintaining complete ownership and exclusive control over their information.

By recommending Devolutions Hub Personal for users seeking absolute privacy, Devolutions acknowledge the importance of differentiating between the corporate and personal usage of their connection and password management solution. This approach provides a comprehensive suite of options, catering to both the administrative requirements of organizations and the individual privacy needs of users, thereby offering a well-rounded and versatile solution for diverse user scenarios.

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