Create scheduled reports

Create Scheduled Reports to run automatically and manage when and who will receive the data from your Devolutions Server.

For this feature to work, it is mandatory to enable the Scheduler Service in the Devolutions Server Console Companions tab.

Create a Scheduled Report

  1. Go to Reports – Scheduled Reports.
  2. Click on the Add button.
  3. Select a report in the General drop-down menu.

Available options upon report selection will differ from one to another.


Report Options Description
General Select the Reports type that will be generated.
  • Administration Log
  • Activity Log
  • Data Source Log
  • Expired Entry List
  • Login Attempts
  • Login History
  • Last Login
  • Privileged Access - Password rotation

Run report as an administrator

Will run the report with administrator privileges.
Recipients Select all user accounts from the Devolutions Server that will receive the report.
Email Address If Run report as an administrator is enabled, a custom email address must be provided.
Title Set the title of the report.
Start date/time Set the date and time when the report will be created.
Do not send when the report is empty The report will not be sent to the recipients if the report contains no data.
  1. Add filtering and set the recurrence of the report.

Available filter options upon report selection will differ from one to another.


Filter Options Description
Date Select a date range for the data.
Message Choose specific messages or fail type to refine the report.
Vault Select all or specific Vaults.
Filter Enter an expression to match against the fields of the report selected.
Recurrence Options Description
Recurrence None, Daily, Weekly, Monthly, Yearly
Every Set the number of recurrences.
End Set when the scheduled report will terminate.
  • End by
    Set this option and the date to stop the report at a specific moment.
  • End after
    Set this option to run this report a specific number of times.
  • No end date
    Set this option to run the report indefinitely.
  1. Click Save.