Team edition

After the purchase of the Devolutions Server Team edition, an email is sent with the license serial. This key allows you to create a new instance of Devolutions Server.

The installation procedure is available at Devolutions Server Installation

Please check your junk/spam mail folder if you do not see the email in your inbox.

Domain requirements

These requirements apply only if you intend to use Automatic User Account Creation (see Authentication) and/or User Groups to manage your instance.

  1. Create Active Directory groups to manage your instance. Typical examples are: Remote Desktop Manager Admins, Remote Desktop Manager Operators, Remote Desktop Manager Users.
  2. Add domain users to the Active Directory groups.

Checklist for installing and running the Team edition

Software requirements on the server hosting the instance

Installation steps

  1. Create a new instance of Devolutions Server (see Create Devolutions Server instance).
  2. Create a Devolutions Server administrator account in the User management.
  3. Create User groups.
  4. Add domain users or built-in users (see User management).