Workspace browser extension user interface

The Workspace browser extension user interface is slightly different in your browser depending on the Devolutions product used in conjunction with the extension. This topic will present the Workspace browser extension user interface when used with Remote Desktop Manager macOS.

The main view, which is the one displayed when first opening the Workspace browser extension, can be divided into three main sections:

  1. The Top Menu gives you access to some Workspace browser extension functionalities and settings.
  2. The Side menu is directly linked to the central panel, as each tab changes what is displayed in the window depending on its function.
  3. The Content Area is where information will be displayed and where you can interact with Workspace browser extension functionalities corresponding to the different tabs.

User Interface Sections
User Interface Sections

Top Menu

If you use multiple Devolutions products with the extension, you can switch between them using the Data Source Selector at the left of the Top Menu. A drop-down list will appear with the other products you have previously paired with the Workspace browser extension.

Data Source Selector
Data Source Selector
At the right of the Top Menu, the Settings button opens a new tab in which you can configure your extension. Consult the full settings list.
Settings Button
Settings Button

Side menu and Content Area

Using the tabs of the Side menu, you can access various Workspace browser extension features.

Each tab will display a different view in the Content Area. The tabs available when using the Workspace browser extension with Remote Desktop Manager macOS are:

  • the Matching tab, where you find available credentials for a specific website.
  • the Password Generator tab, where you can create a strong and secure password for a new account.
  • the About tab, where you will find links to useful tools and information about the Workspace browser extension.

See Side menu for more information on each of the tabs.