Configure a Password Depot entry in Remote Desktop Manager

Every field from the Password Depot entry is described below.

To learn more about creating and managing a Password Depot account, please consult the documentation on their official website.

The entry can be found under New EntryCredential ManagementPassword Management.

Credential Management
Credential Management

General tab
General tab

  • Name: Entry name in Remote Desktop Manager.
  • Folder: Which Remote Desktop Manager folder the entry will be in.

General tab

  • Host: Password Depot URL
  • Use "My Account Settings": Go to FileMy Account SettingsSettingsPassword Management and click on Password Depot to set up this option first; replaces the Username and Password fields.
  • Username: Password Depot username.
  • Password: Password Depot password.
    • Always ask password: If enabled, entry will always prompt for password when it is accessed.
  • Database: Click on the ellipsis button to pick the Password Depot database.
    • Entry: Click on the ellipsis button to pick a specific credential for this entry.
    • Always prompt with list: Prompts the user with a list of all the available credentials instead of a specific one.