Configure Recording Server

The following steps will describe the options to install the Recording Server for Devolutions Server It is possible to install the Recording Server on a stand alone machine.

The Devolutions Server Console is required to install the Recording Server.

  1. In the Devolutions Server Console , select the Companions tab and click on the Install button of the Recording Server section.


  2. Agree to the terms of the License Agreement and click Next


  3. Select the Source of the package according to the installed Devolutions Server version and click Next


  4. Set the settings for the machine where the Recording Server will be installed and click Next


    Recording Server Properties Description
    Server name Name of the host where the Recording Server will run. Click the Get Hostname button to autofill this field.
    Port TCP port number to communicate with the Recording Server.
    Installation Folder Recording Server application installation folder.
    Output Folder Destination folder of the recorded sessions.
    Certificate Description
    Use Existing Certificate Path to an existing certificate file.
    Cert. Password Certificate password.
    Advanced Description
    Max Parallel Processing Maximum number of files to be converted at the same moment to a readable format.
  5. Set the Service Account that will run the Recording Service and click Next


  6. Set the Server URL and Administration Credentials account that will create the Application Key to allow the Recording Server to communicate with the Devolutions Server instance, then click Next


    Devolutions Server Credentials Description
    Server URL URL of the Devolutions Server instance.
    Administration Credentials Description
    Username Username of an administrator account in Devolutions Server
    Password Password of the administrator account.
    Application Credentials Description
    Use existing Application Credentials Enable the usage of an existing Application Credentials in Devolutions Server
    Application key Key of the Application Credentials
    Application secret Secret key of the Application Credentials
    Devolutions Server uses a different path to access recordings Enable this option to be able to download the recording files using a different access path.
    Public Output Folder Set the public folder from which the users can download the recording files. This could be a UNC path.
  7. Click on the Install button to start the installation of the Recording Server.


  8. Once finished, an Operation Successful dialog message will be displayed.


  9. Click OK and Close the window.

To upgrade the Recording Server, you need to uninstall and reinstall it from the Companions tab of the Devolutions Server Console