In the General section of the System Settings, manage settings related to temporary passwords, networking, support tickets, opened sessions, and usage profiles.

Administration – System Settings – General
Administration – System Settings – General

Send temporary password by email Select how the temporary password is sent to your users when creating their Devolutions Account from an invite in Devolutions Hub Business:
  • Ask: When creating a new Devolutions Account, a prompt will appear to send the user's temporary password by email or not.
  • Send: When creating a new Devolutions Account, users will receive their temporary passwords by email.
  • Not Send: When creating a new Devolutions Account, users will not receive their temporary password by email. At that time, a prompt will appear with their temporary password. You then can decide how to provide this critical information to your users.
Block Tor traffic Blocks Internet traffic coming from the Tor network.
Allow users to submit a support ticket Enables the option for users to submit a ticket to the support team.
Automatic "Mark as Closed" after X days Marks opened sessions as closed after a set amount of days.
Usage profile Select the default usage profile users will be assigned between IT professional, Business user, or the Default.
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