Sending Windows credentials to TeamViewer

Many users have requested the ability to automate the login process on a Windows system through TeamViewer.

Since we are not able to send the password automatically inside the TeamViewer session, you would need to accomplish this with a typing macro.

First, the typing macro session should look like the following;


Please note that the initial wait has been configured to 5 seconds, this varies depending on each user system.

Now, in the properties of your Credential entry, you will enable the Allow password in variable in the Advanced section.


If you have an Advanced Data Source, in Administration – Data Sources Settings (System Settings) – Password Management, you will need to enable the Allow password in macro (send keys) option.


The next step happens when the TeamViewer session is opened and credentials are ready to be entered. Right-click on your credential entry and select Macros/Scripts/Tools - Send Credentials (or whatever name you gave your entry).


In conclusion, put the mouse cursor in the appropriate login field and the typing macro will do the rest.