Deprecated entries

For several reasons, multiple entries are tagged as deprecated in Remote Desktop Manager. Here is how to display them:

  1. Go to Edit and click on New Entry.
  2. Click on the ellipsis at the bottom left of the Add New Entry window.
  3. Select Show Deprecated Entries.

Edit – New Entry – Show Deprecated Entries
Edit – New Entry – Show Deprecated Entries

Here is the list of deprecated entries:


FTP (Rebex)
Chrome Remote Desktop
Google Cloud Explorer
Intel AMT (KVM)
Microsoft Azure Table Storage Explorer
Microsoft RD Gateway PuTTY
SCP (Rebex)
SFTP (Rebex)
SSH Shell (Rebex)
SSH Tunnel (Rebex)
Telnet (Rebex)

Remote Management

Microsoft Azure Dashboard
XenServer Dashboard

Credential Management

AuthAnvil Password Server
Password Vault Manager


Login (Account)
Website (Legacy)


Microsoft Excel
Microsoft OneNote
Microsoft PowerPoint
Microsoft Visio
Microsoft Word
Text (RTF)


WASP PowerShell