Legacy recording server migration tool

This PowerShell script transforms session recording files from the legacy Devolutions recording server to the Devolutions Gateway session recording format, allowing you to migrate without losing previous recordings. Once the files are converted to the new format, they will need to be re-indexed from Devolutions Server such that they can be found in their new location for playback from Devolutions Gateway.

Re-indexing enables the detection of records present on the Devolutions Gateway side, making it possible to manually transfer the files and then re-index. However, it is not feasible to simply drag & drop the files into the folder; a specific format needs to be adhered to.


From an elevated PowerShell terminal, run MigrateRecordings.ps1 with the legacy recording output path as parameter:

PS > .\MigrateRecordings.ps1 -LegacyPath "C:\inetpub\recording\output"
Migrating recordings to 'C:\ProgramData\Devolutions\Gateway\recordings'
Migrating 7e05bf2d-c97b-44eb-b256-351b3e2ef1f0 (075503d9-d016-496e-b0aa-cab8b020ce2d)
Migrating 2115ab16-308c-4eb4-a871-73bc8fd69022 (0f366b0e-e09d-4f57-b290-779f46fb68fd)
Migrating 479930c5-705a-4051-9edf-bdc2748452a4 (39a7d0ec-339e-4086-8d73-fbf455e1038a)
Migrating 2e3d219b-48a3-432a-b214-f11b8ddaa32e (b3409164-078b-4013-b4f6-9a4663d3df98)

If Devolutions Gateway is configured to use a non-default location, the -RecordingsPath can be used to override the default destination path.

You can also perform the migration on one machine to manually copy the files over to the Devolutions Gateway recordings path on a different machine.

A sample legacy.zip file containing legacy recordings is available for reference and testing this script.

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