Devolutions Gateway recording path

This topic serves as a reference for general information on Devolutions Gateway recording.

The recording format is WebM and the file size is around 15 kb/s, depending on compression.

Recording path

The RecordingPath parameter can be added to the .json file and then modified to change where the recordings will be saved.
The file is located under C:\ProgramData\Devolutions\Gateway\gateway.json.

A few important notes:

  • It should be noted that if the new path is pointing to a network location, such as a shared folder or UNC path, network traffic input and output may be affected.
  • Since it's a .json file, the path needs to be written with doubled backslashes (for example: "RecordingPath": "\\vwinsrvdata\Recording\").
  • Make certain the account running the gateway sevice has access to both gateway files and the file share.