Custom installer

Custom installer will be removed from Devolutions Portal. You can still access the URL if needed

The Custom installer manager will allow you to generate and download custom installation packages for Remote Desktop Manager Windows.

The Custom installer manager uploads a configuration file to our online services. You should not use the service to redistribute passwords for data sources.

For stability reasons, in large installation bases, the latest official release is not available to the Custom installer service until an undetermined period while we ensure that no major issues are present. We recommend using this time with your organization to perform integration tests on a few workstations before upgrading your entire team.

You can store and create up to six Custom installer configuration file packages in your Devolutions Account.


The No Internet connection option in Remote Desktop Manager (FileOptionToolsAdvanced) must be disabled for Custom installer to work.

The Custom installer replicates the settings from the Remote Desktop Manager instance used to create the package and stores them in the package for distribution. You have control over which categories of settings you are redistributing, but not discrete settings. It may be desirable to have a Remote Desktop Manager installation that is used specifically to create the Installation Package.

You can go to File – Devolutions Account – Tools to access the Custom installer manager.

File – Devolutions Account – Custom installer manager
File – Devolutions Account – Custom installer manager

Please consult our Custom installer package creation guide.

If the package has already been generated, you can download it directly from the portal as described in Download Custom installer Package.