Affiliates Account

The Affiliates Account section lets you join Devolutions to promote Remote Desktop Manager and earn 10% advertising fees.

There are three ways to promote Remote Desktop Manager:

  • Select a banner for your website: Select a banner for your website between a variety of banner sizes and styles and link to a wide choice of landing pages.
  • Share a link on social networks: Post an update on Remote Desktop Manager and include a link to our website.
  • Send your custom Affiliates link: Send your Affiliates link to someone you know who would benefit from using Remote Desktop Manager.

Every time someone clicks on your promoted banner/link and buys a Remote Desktop Manager license, you will instantly receive 10% fee added to your Affiliates account.

Use our report tools to view your earnings, number of clicks and conversion rate.

Click on Join Now and fill in the registration form to start receiving your advertising fees directly in your PayPal account.