Default security for entries

In Administration – Settings – Vault Settings , navigate to the Permissions tab. Under Inherited Permissions , change the Permission drop-down list to the desired setting:

  • Default (Inherited) : Allows users and roles that are assigned to a Vault to see the content of that Vault , but what they can do with it depends on how the permissions were set at the user level.
  • Custom : Allows to select specific users and user groups for each permission.
  • Never : Denies any access to all users, even if they have been given access to the Vault . This can be used to set the permissions at the folder or entry level, for example.
    Vault Settings – Permissions
    Vault Settings – Permissions

To confirm the change, edit an entry below the Vault and navigate to the Security – Permissions section. All permissions set to Default inherit the value from System Permissions or the user. Inherited values are displayed next to the permissions.