User Types

When creating users in Remote Desktop Manager , four types of user are available. Basic rights are granted to the created users depending on their type.

User Management - User Type
User Management - User Type


Administrator Grant all rights and permissions to the user.
User Grant all the basic rights to the user (Add, Edit, Delete). For more information, please consult the Rights section below in this topic.
Restricted user Personalize the rights to grant to the user.
Read only user Grant only the view access to the user.


When setting a user to the Restricted User type, rights must be granted manually. These rights have an immediate influence on which actions the user can perform on unsecured entries. Therefore, rights must be granted for users to be able to perform actions on entries, as permissions cannot override the absence of right.

Once rights are granted, they can be restricted with the User Groups Based Security or Security Groups.

The Add right also displays the Add in Vault option. This must be enable for users to be able to add entries into the Vault folder of the data source.

User Management - Rights
User Management - Rights