Moving to Hub Personal

The Hub Personal is for individual users who want to use a secure personal password manager. Here are the steps for moving your data to Hub Personal in Remote Desktop Manager.

Get started with creating a Hub Personal.

Add Hub Personal in Remote Desktop Manager as a Data Source

  1. In Remote Desktop Manager, go to File - Data Sources and click on the plus sign to Add a New Data Source.
  2. Select the Hub Personal data source and click OK.
    Hub Personal
    Hub Personal
  3. Fill in the fields in the General section and click OK when done.
    1. Name: Name of the data source.
    2. Username: Email address.

Export and Import Your Data Source

You can migrate your data in Remote Desktop Manager from multiple sources.

  • To export and import your data source already configured in Remote Desktop Manager, go to Data Migration.
  • We also support native import formats from many popular tools on the market.